Ecosol BUILD - Commercial & Industrial Construction

Bespoke design and build in the commercial and industrial sectors means understanding time is critical on every project. The ability, experience and resources to plan and execute projects with the most demanding of programmes working with you to meet your exacting requirements anywhere in the UK.


Design & Build


Specialist Civil


Turnkey Design & Build Solutions

Understanding what you need, then working together to create the best solution within your budget and timeframe.

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Civil engineering for major infrastructure and complex, time critical projects.

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A complete solution accommodating your broader business needs, rather than simply focusing on contractual obligations.

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Approved for insurance and dilapidation works

Ecosol BUILD - For whatever commercial and industrial construction challenge you have, large scale multi-dimensional projects to single site complex environments - we've got the relevant experience to demonstrate our capablity.

Free evaluation of your project with preliminary risks report - no obligation

If you need turnkey solutions for essential maintenance and building projects which are hazardous, time critical and require the minimum disruption to your operational needs - contact us now and we'll provide you with a free consultation to evaluate the project and highlight your potential risks. This will be a written report which provides an overview of how the project should be undertaken, outline pricing, project timescales and payment schedule.

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